Topic: Environmental Drilling Technology for Site Characterization and Monitoring Well Installation

There are more than a dozen different drilling methods that may be used to drill boreholes to collect soil samples for site characterization and install monitoring wells, but which method is most appropriate for your project?  This series of 2 modules provides a detailed discussion on how to effectively evaluate and select the best drilling method for anticipated site conditions that will meet site-specific project objectives.  Each of the most commonly used drilling methods is described in detail with respect to their operational characteristics and their applications and limitations for environmental site characterization and monitoring well installation.  Field video is included at the end of the first module to explain the principles and practices employed in sonic drilling.  While you may opt to take just one of these modules, it is strongly recommended that you take both modules in the prescribed order if you want comprehensive coverage of the subject.

Module GWM–06 (Total Length: 74 minutes) Price: $159.00  Sign in to Your E-School Account to Register

Factors to Consider in Selecting a Drilling Method; Descriptions, Applications and Limitations of Casing Advancement Drilling Methods

  • Differences Between Environmental Drilling and Other Drilling
  • Factors to Consider in Selecting a Drilling Method
    • Geologic Conditions Expected During Drilling; Ability to Recognize Subsurface Conditions; Sample Retrieval Capability; Presence and Type of Contaminants; Potential for and Degree of Formation Damage; Ability to Meet Well Installation Requirements; Logistical and Budgetary Constraints
  • Casing Advancement Drilling Methods – Descriptions, Applications and Limitations
    • Driving; Cable Tool; Odex/Tubex; Sonic Drilling

Total CEUs for Module GWM-06: 1.2 CEUs

Module GWM–07 (Total Length: 65 minutes) Price: $159.00 Sign in to Your E-School Account to Register

Descriptions, Applications and Limitations of Fluid Circulation Drilling Methods and Hollow-Stem Augers

  • Fluid Circulation Methods
    • Direct Mud Rotary; Reverse-Circulation Rotary; Air Rotary; Air Rotary With Casing Driver; Down-the-Hole Hammer; Dual-Tube Reverse-Circulation Rotary
  • Hollow-Stem Auger
  • Preferred Methods for Environmental Drilling

Total CEUs for Module GWM-07: 1.1 CEUs