The following requirements apply to all environmental professionals interested in achieving Professional Certification:

1a) An undergraduate or graduate university or college degree in an environmental field (e.g. geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, soil science, environmental science, environmental engineering, biology) OR

1b) An undergraduate, graduate or associate university or college degree in a non-environmental field, or a high-school diploma, and a minimum of 4 years of documented job experience in an environmental field;

2)    Completion of the Nielsen Environmental E-School E-Course that corresponds to the desired certificate*;

3)    Passing a set of on-line exams based on material covered in the E-Course that corresponds to the desired certificate;

4)    Payment of a nominal fee ($85.00 US) for the application for certification, a nominal fee for successful applicants for the initial Certificate ($65.00 US), and a nominal annual renewal fee ($85.00 US); and

5)    Completion of 8 hours of relevant continuing education (specifically related to the subject area of your certification) annually following certification.  Certified individuals will be required to provide documentation of completion of each training event if the training is taken from an organization other than NEFS.

* To become certified in a particular area, you must complete the corresponding Nielsen Environmental E-School E-Course:

  Certification Desired    E-School E-Course You Must Complete
Certified Environmental Sampler The Environmental Sampling E-Course
Certified Ground-Water Sampler The Complete Ground-Water Sampling E-Course OR The Complete Ground-Water Monitoring E-Course
Certified Soil Sampler The Complete Soil Sampling E-Course
Certified Ground-Water Monitoring Specialist The Complete Ground-Water Monitoring E-Course
Certified Monitoring Well Installation Specialist The Ground-Water Monitoring Well Design, Construction & Development E-Course OR The Complete Ground-Water Monitoring E-Course


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