Following your completion of the Nielsen Environmental E-School E-Course corresponding to the Professional Certification you desire, you must request, take and pass the set of written examinations that corresponds to the course.  Each examination package consists of two or more practical exams that comprehensively address the material covered in the course.  The exam package must be requested using the Request for Examinations Form, which must be accompanied by payment (by credit card or check) for the exams.  Exam fees are not refundable.

Exams will be sent via e-mail to students requesting exams, and completed exams must be returned via e-mail to NEFS for grading within either 12 or 20 calandar days of receipt of the exam package (time depends upon which E-Course you took).  Exams are open-book, and you may use your course Study Guide, course notes or other materials to complete your exams.  If you are uncertain about taking the examinations, you have 30 days after the date of completion of the on-site course or E-Course to submit a request for examinations form.

Exams are graded by course instructors, and grades will be e-mailed to the student directly.  Graded exams cannot be returned.  Applicants for Certification must achieve a passing grade (70% or better) on ALL of the practical exams corresponding to the Certification for which they are applying.  If you do not pass one or more of the exams in the exam package for your course, you will be provided one chance to retake the exam(s) that you did not pass.  An additional exam fee will apply.  As necessary, you will be provided a link to request retaking an exam when you receive your grades.



Send us an e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  if you have any questions about how to earn your Professional Certification today!