Topic: Soil Sample Collection, Description & Handling in the Field

During drilling of boreholes for site characterization and monitoring well installation, soil samples must be collected to document site geologic conditions.  These soil samples are used to develop a detailed understanding of site hydrogeology, to determine the presence/absence of contamination, to determine the location, physical and chemical characteristics of target monitoring zones in which wells will be installed, and to design well screens and filter packs.  This series of 2 modules discusses collection of soil samples for both physical and chemical analysis, parameters and techniques for detailed physical soil sample description, and proper handling of soil samples during sampling events.  While you may opt to take just one of these modules, it is strongly recommended that you take both modules in the prescribed order if you want comprehensive coverage of the subject.

Module GWM–08 (Total Length: 65 minutes) Price: $159.00  To Register, Sign in to Your E-School Account

Planning and Preparation for Soil Sample Collection and Description; Describing Soil Samples in the Field (Part 1)

  • Objectives of Soil Sample Description
  • Important Principles Applied in Soil Sample Description
  • Preparing for a Soil Sampling Event
    • Items to Discuss With the Drilling/Direct-Push Contractor Prior to Mobilizing to the Site
    • Equipment and Materials Recommended for Soil Sample Description and Handling
    • Checklists for Soil Sample Description in the Field -- Sample Locators and Physical Sample Descriptors
  • Soil Classification Systems – USCS (ASTM Standards D 2487 and D 2488), USDA and Others
  • Describing Soil Samples – 26 Physical Sample Descriptors to Record (Part 1)
    • Grain Size, Degree of Sorting, Particle Angularity/Roundness/Shape, Mineralogy, Density/Consistency, Plasticity/Cohesiveness, Moisture Content, Color (Including Use of Munsell Soil Color Charts)

Total CEUs for Module GWM-08: 1.1 CEUs

Module GWM – 09  (Total Length: 59 minutes) Price: $159.00   To Register, Sign in to Your E-School Account

Describing Soil Samples in the Field (Part 2); Handling Soil Samples in the Field

  • Describing Soil Samples – 26 Physical Sample Descriptors to Record (Part 2)
    • Sedimentary Features, Presence of Macropores, Redox Conditions, Organic Matter, Degree of Weathering, Carbonate Content, and Other Descriptors
  • Handling Soil Samples During the Sampling Event
    • Samples Used for Physical Analysis
    • Samples Used for Chemical Analysis

Total CEUs for Module GWM–09: 1 CEU