Topic: Ground-Water Monitoring Well Development

The well is installed, the surface completion is finished but the well is still not ready to sample.  Development is a critical step following construction of monitoring wells that is often short-changed or, sometimes, not implemented at all when new wells are installed at a site.  This can result in a detrimental impact on the ability of the new well to yield representative ground-water samples – from the perspective of ensuring adequate flow toward and into the well, volume of water available for sampling, and formation-quality ground-water samples.  This module debunks many of the myths and misunderstandings associated with well development.  Learn what types of development methods are available, which work well and which don’t work well, which methods should never be used in monitoring wells, and why some wells should not be developed.

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Ground-Water Monitoring Well Development – Objectives, Applications, Methods and Procedures

  • Discussion of ASTM Standard D 5521 on Development of Ground-Water Monitoring Wells
  • Objectives and Purposes of Well Development
  • Applications, Advantages and Limitations of Various Development Methods
  • When and How Long to Develop Monitoring Wells
  • Which Parameters to Monitor to Confirm Effective Well Development
  • When Not to Develop Monitoring Wells

Total CEUs for Module GWM-14: 1.0 CEU