Topic: Planning and Executing a Successful Ground-Water Sampling Event

The ground-water monitoring wells are installed and developed and you are finally ready to sample!  Or are you?  This module discusses in great detail all of the issues that need to be considered and documents that need to be in place prior to setting out to collect ground-water samples.  Learn why it is critical to prepare and follow a written, site-specific Sampling and Analysis Plan.  If you are an emergency response team member or regulatory enforcement staff, learn what alternative approach you would need to take to conduct a sampling event.  Learn why you need to understand the terms accuracy, precision, bias and defensibility.  Field videos are included within this module to explain well inspection and good housekeeping practices that should be employed during a ground-water sampling event.

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Planning and Executing a Successful Ground-Water Sampling Event

  • Components of a Ground-Water Sampling Event
  • Sampling Event Planning and Preparation
  • Discussion of ASTM Standard D 5903 on Planning and Preparing for a Ground-Water Sampling Event
  • What to Include in a Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP)
  • Objectives and Purposes of the SAP
  • SAP Design Options
  • Making the SAP User-Friendly for the Sampling Team
  • Addressing the Analysis Portion of the SAP
    • Lab Analysis
    • Field Analysis
  • Understanding the Significance of PPM vs. PPB vs. PPT and How That Affects Field Practices
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to Include in the SAP
  • Timing of Ground-Water Sampling Events
  • Office Preparation for Ground-Water Sampling Events

Total CEUs for This Module: 1.3 CEUs