Topic: Ground-Water Sample Handling and Shipment

Samples are collected and now you are ready to get them to the laboratory so they can be analyzed.  You have a vested interest in ensuring that the samples arrive at the laboratory on-time and in one piece.  As a sampling team member, if you are the one presenting the samples to an outside group for delivery to the lab, you are referred to as the sample “shipper” and, as such, you are taking on the responsibility of ensuring that samples are delivered in compliance with applicable shipping laws.  That is a critical fact that many samplers are unaware of.  This module discusses issues associated with delivery and shipment of both uncontaminated and hazardous samples from the field to the laboratory.  While this module will not certify you to ship hazardous substances, it will give you an awareness of regulatory requirements, which include training.  Field videos are included within this module to explain proper practices and procedures for ground-water sample handling and shipment.

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Ground-Water Sample Handling and Shipment

  • Options for Getting Samples to the Laboratory
  • Preparing for Sample Shipment
  • Discussion of ASTM Standard D 6911 on Packaging and Shipping Environmental Samples for Laboratory Analysis
  • Mechanisms to Protect Samples From Tampering During a Sampling Event and Shipment to the Laboratory
  • Understanding the Role of Chain-of-Custody Forms – Their Purpose, When and How They Should be Completed
  • Overview of DOT and IATA Shipping Regulations and How These Regulations Affect Getting Samples to the Laboratory
  • How to Correctly Pack a Cooler Containing Uncontaminated Samples for Delivery
  • What Happens to Samples When They Arrive at the Laboratory

Total CEUs for Module GWM-28: 1.1 CEUs