Traditional methods of soil sample collection and handling for volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis are fraught with error and result in negative bias associated with data generated by laboratory analysis of these soil samples. This series of two modules explains why collecting soil samples for VOCs using “zero headspace” techniques is not valid and may, in fact, introduce significant bias and error; how conventional bulk matrix sampling practices can result in biased samples; and why laboratory subsampling of soil samples introduces error. Learn how proper implementation of U.S. EPA Method 5035B will result in collection and analysis of samples that much more accurately reflect in-situ field conditions and will result in much more accurate data. While Method 5035B is not a “new” method in the U.S., it is being increasingly adopted in countries other than the U.S. Unfortunately, both in the U.S. and Internationally the method is widely misunderstood and is often poorly implemented in the field. This series of two modules uses a comprehensive series of classroom and field videos to provide definitive guidance on what the intent of Method 5035B is, how to correctly implement both volumetric sampling methods and chemical preservation/extraction methods in the field, and how to avoid common field errors when implementing Method 5035B that can result in either negative or positive biases (or both) during sampling. Correct field procedures are illustrated through the use of “how-to” field videos. While you may opt to take just one of these modules, it is strongly recommended that you take both modules in the prescribed order if you want comprehensive coverage of the subject.

Module ES–13 (Total Length: 50 minutes) Price: $159.00 Register via Your E-School Account

Soil Sample Handling and Processing Using U.S. EPA Method 5035B – Introduction; Use of Volumetric Sample Collection Methods

  • How Volatiles are Lost From Soil Samples
  • Problems With Traditional Soil Sampling Methods for VOCs
  • Limitations of Using Liners for VOC Sample Collection
  • Objectives of Method 5035B
  • Volumetric Sample Collection – How it Works, Equipment Options, Common Errors
  • ASTM Standard Practice D 6418 for Using EnCore Samplers
  • Advantages and Limitations of Volumetric Sample Collection Methods

Module ES–14 (Total Length: 52 minutes) Price: $159.00 Register via Your E-School Account

Soil Sample Handling and Processing Using U.S. EPA Method 5035B – Use of Chemical Preservation/Extraction Methods

  • Chemical Preservation/Extraction Techniques for Low-Level Sample Preparation and Preservation
  • Chemical Preservation/Extraction Techniques for High-Level Sample Preparation and Preservation
  • Overview of U.S. EPA Method 3815 to Select High-Level or Low-Level Preservation Methods
  • Advantages and Limitations of Chemical Preservation/Extraction Methods

Total CEUs for Module ES-13: 1 CEU

Total CEUs for Module ES-14: 1 CEU