At least a dozen different kinds of soil sampling devices are available for you to use for the collection of soil samples – some can be manually deployed (simple and cost-effective, but limited to shallow depths), and others must be mechanically deployed (more complex and expensive, but with greater depth capability). Some devices can be used to collect depth-discrete samples, while others can be used for continuous sampling. Not all devices are suited to all field conditions, and some devices are better than others for collecting soil samples that are destined for chemical analysis. This series of two modules discusses the factors that affect the selection of an appropriate soil sampling device or method for prevailing site conditions and site-specific sampling objectives. These modules discuss in detail the options for hand-operated devices such as push tubes and hand augers, through mechanically deployed devices used in conjunction with portable drive sources, direct-push rigs and several different types of drilling rigs. The use of supplemental accessories such as sample retainers and liners is also discussed in detail. While you may opt to take just one of these modules, it is strongly recommended that you take both modules in the prescribed order if you want comprehensive coverage of the subject.

Module SS-09 (Total Length: 62 minutes) Price: $159.00 To Register, Log In to Your E-School Account

Selection and Use of Soil Sampling Equipment – Part 1

  • Factors Affecting the Selection of an Appropriate Soil Sampling Method
  • Selecting a Sampling Device to Suit Site-Specific Field Conditions
  • Overview, Applications & Limitations of Hand-Operated Devices (Push Tubes and Hand Augers)
  • Overview, Applications and Limitations of Devices Used with Direct-Push Rigs for Discrete and Continuous Soil Sampling

Total CEUs for Module SS-09: 1 CEU

Module SS-10 (Total Length: 85 minutes) Price: $159.00 To Register, Log In To Your E-School Account

Selection and Use of Soil Sampling Equipment – Part 2

  • Overview, Applications and Limitations of Mechanically Assisted Devices (Split-Spoon Samplers, Thin-Wall Tube Samplers, Continuous Tube Samplers) Used with Drilling Rigs
    • Solid Stem Augers
    • Mud-Rotary Drilling
    • Sonic Drilling
    • Hollow-Stem Augers
  • Pros and Cons of Using Soil Sample Liners and Sample Retainers

Total CEUs for Module SS-10: 1.4 CEUs